Offering the World's Most Advanced Fluid Conditioning Technologies

  • Use Less Water for Crops… Even in a Drought
  • Improve Soil Structure & Health
  • Increase Crop Productivity Without GMOs
  • Reduce Pathogens Without Pesticides
  • Improve Flavor and Nutrient Density
  • Increase Heat and Frost Tolerance
  • Clean Polluted Water
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Patented, Frequency-Based Water Conditioners

Nano Resonance Systems - 3

Fluid Conditioner (Model FC-3105, 3″ Inline Unit Shown)

  • In-line units available for 2” and 3” irrigation lines
  • One in-line unit recommended per 10 acre area; may be daisy-chained for larger areas
  • Uses AC, solar, or other DC power source for frequency generation 
  • No filters to maintain
  • Custom solutions and systems available

About Us

What Makes Nano Resonance Technologies So Unique?

 We offer advanced fluid conditioning technologies for improved crop production and environmental stewardship. 

Our patented frequency technologies, when applied, actually modify the molecular structure of water. Unlike ionization, vortex, or magnetic methods alone, NRT’s frequency technologies increase the bonding angle of hydrogen atoms within each water molecule by elongating electron orbits. This creates far more stable micro clusters and longer-lasting benefits compared to other fluid conditioners. The NRT fluid conditioner is not a water filter, although it may be used with other water technologies, including filtration systems. Customized solutions may also be developed, since harmonic frequencies can be fine-tuned for specific crops, fluids, pathogens, and soil/water conditions.

 Unlimited Applications

  • Agriculture
  • Pollution Control 
  • Remediation
  • Liquid Fuel Enhancement
  • Water Conservation
  • Marginal Well Recovery
  • Public Works
  • Beverage Enhancement
  • And More…


Over 20 Years of Studies & Proven Success

  • Ricinus Test – Frost Survival w/NRT System 90%
  • Ricinus Test – Frost Survival w/o NRT System 0%
  • Maximum Ricinus Seed Production per Plant w/NRT: 1592 grams 100%
  • Maximum Ricinus Seed Production per Plant w/o NRT: 102 grams 6.4%
  • PEMEX Wastewater Lab Test Results – Fecal Coliform Before NRT: 4.6 Million NMP/100 mL 100%
  • PEMEX Wastewater Lab Results After NRT: Negligible Fecal Coliform (<300 NMP/100mL) .00006%
  • Ricinus Test – # of Inflorescences w/NRT: 287 100%
  • Ricinus Test – # of inflorescences w/o NRT: 30 10%

Cucumber pickles are being harvested with excellent results after being irrigated with water not normally suitable for agricultural irrigation (classified as USDA C4S2, water of very high salinity). This may represent a solution to the problem of water scarcity: better utilization of water, greater absorption of nutrients… A true option to reduce the shortage of water, and to operate disabled wells.

Translated from: “Alternatives for the Use of Wells Disqualified by High Content of Salts”

Printed in Culiacán, Sinaloa, October 31, 1998

Regarding the investigation carried out in the “Experimental Field of the Valley of Culiacán” (CEVACU), the use of fertilizers was lower in the area where the water was “gausserized”, the plants grew more uniform and vigorous, and the drip irrigation systems were retained more clean. Also, the stems of the plants tended to be more tall and thick, and the number of inflorescences and fruits was higher.

Jorge Kondo Lopez

Chief Director, Instituto Nacional De Investigaciones Forestales Agricolas y Pecuarias (INIFAP) -- June 30, 1997

Agriculture Case Study: Ricinus (Castor Oil) for Biofuel

Dr. Bonilla and Castor Oil Plants at 5 Months (w/NRT)

Alfredo & Dr. Bonilla w/Castor Plants at 5 Mos. (w/o NRT)

Environmental Case Study: Treatment of Highly Polluted Moctezuma Stream:

1. One of Four Locations Being Prepared for NRT

3. First Release of Polluted Stream Water to one of NRT Units

2. Installation of NRT in One of the Four Excavated Areas

4. Clear Water After Two Months of Multiple NRT Treatments

Frequently-Asked Questions:

Who is Nano Resonance Systems (NRS)?

Nano Resonance Systems (NRS) is an Authorized Distributor of patented technologies developed by Nano Resonance Technologies (NRT) in Mexico.  NRT was originally founded by the inventor of the technologies, Dr. Eliseo Bonilla, and is currently under the management of his co-inventor son, Alfredo Bonilla. Although NRS was established only recently in the United States, the NRT team in Mexico has been successfully implementing these technologies for over 20 years in Mexico. NRS is very honored to help introduce NRT innovations to the rest of the world, and we welcome inquiries from strategic partners in the U.S. and abroad.

What are Nano Resonance Technologies?

Nano Resonance Technologies (NRT) are patented fluid conditioning technologies capable of modifying the structure of water and other fluids for environmental and economic enhancement. Although many configurations are possible, NRT systems are typically inline units that apply special frequencies to water as it flows through an irrigation pipe. NRT frequencies have also been successfully used for remediation of severely polluted waterways and wastewater, and for fuel efficiency enhancement and beverage enhancement. Applications include agricultural, public health, industrial, beverage, and beauty industry innovations.

Who Invented Nano Resonance Technologies?

Nano Resonance Technologies were developed by Dr. Eliseo Bonilla, who received a PhD in Nuclear Physics from the University of Stuttgart in Germany. Dr. Bonilla worked for over 30 years in technology research and development, and has numerous patents, including PCT/MX98/00026, which is the Base Patent for NRT innovations.

What Makes Nano Resonance Technologies So Unique?

The technologies are unique because they actually change water’s molecular structure by elongating electron clouds and increasing the bond angles between the two hydrogen atoms. This is very significant, as it results in reduced surface tension and longer-lasting micro clustering benefits when compared to other fluid conditioning solutions that use vortex, magnetic or ionization technologies alone.

Why Have I Never Heard of Nano Resonance Technologies?

NRT’s technology innovations have been successfully used for over twenty years in Mexico, where the company is based. Although numerous studies and successful demonstrations have been conducted over these twenty years, most documentation has been in Spanish, and few English translations are available. For copies of Spanish-language studies and testimonials, please feel free to Contact Us.

What are the Benefits of NRT's Frequency Technologies?
  • Significantly reduces water requirements, even in drought conditions
  • Dramatically increases productivity of crops (food, fiber, forage, medicinals, etc.)
  • Reduces surface tension of water, making water & nutrients more bio-available
  • Helps neutralize soil pH over time
  • Improves soil porosity and promotes deeper root zone
  • Reduces pathogens without pesticides
  • Releases bound minerals, supporting higher nutrient density & BRIX values
  • Eliminates scaling in irrigation lines and equipment
  • Many other benefits (water quality improvement, fuel enhancement, beverage enhancement, increased shelf life, etc.)
Is NRT a Water Filtration Technology?

NRT is not a water filter technology. However, it may be used with other water technologies, including filtration systems.

Is the NRT Inline Unit Easy to Install and Maintain?

Although the NRT inline unit is approximately 4’6″ long, it is very easy to install. Both 2″ and 3″ pipe diameter options are available, and standard PVC pipe and fittings may be used to adapt the unit to your current irrigation pipe configuration. Power requirements are minimal, and solar units are available. There are no filters to clean, and no maintenance is typically required, although you should check the unit periodically to make sure the power status light is still on.

How Much is the System and How Can I Qualify for a Discount?

The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the NRT Fluid Conditioner is $9,800.

Reseller discounts, quantity discounts and custom solutions are available year-round. Please Contact Us to discuss.

How Can I Partner With NRS?

NRS welcomes strategic partners, including distributors, affiliates, direct customers, and prime contractors. We also offer referral fees for direct referrals that result in actual sales. Please Contact Us to discuss your goals for collaboration. Thank you for your interest!

Would Nano Resonance Technologies be Right for You?

Would you like to save water or transform marginal (brackish or polluted) water) into a valuable asset? NRT technologies can help with existing or customized solutions.

Are you involved in agriculture? NRT technologies can help you increase productivity and nutrient density, and reduce scaling and pathogens without chemicals or GMO!

Would you like to increase profits? NRT systems can help you reduce costs and increase revenues if you are involved with farming, beverage production, fuel production, etc.

Are you interested in other environmental applications? NRT technologies can help remediate polluted waters and improve the efficiency of fuels.

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